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At a Glance – we have summarized topics related to Sustainability at Hapag-Lloyd.

Sustainability Policy


Our Sustainability Policy expresses our current and future commitment to protect the environment, provide the highest service quality, care for employees’ health and safety, and ensure satisfactory return on capital.

Hapag-Lloyd is an innovative company within the global container liner shipping industry. As an environmentally oriented company, we place high priority on environmental issues in managing our business. We will continue to seek inventive ways to conserve global resources and protect the environment. This is proof of our commitment to the environment and society.

As a quality oriented carrier, we have structured our processes throughout our worldwide organisation in a systematic manner we strive to meet the high expectations from our customers, business partners,
employees, and other stakeholders. We are continuously aiming at fulfilling our customer’s current and future needs in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Being a responsible company, we ensure a safe and healthy work place is provided to all our employees. Our highly motivated employees are the basis of our success. Awareness is raised throughout our worldwide organisation to recognise our sustainability commitments. The services we offer are a product of successful cooperation of many people worldwide.

Hapag-Lloyd considers the key internal and external factors which impact the organisation as well as interests of our stakeholders. The resulting opportunities and risks are being analysed.

This policy is available to the public.


The Management exemplifies a culture focused on sustainability that encompasses the quality of our services, environmental protection, employees’ health and safety as well as profitability. Staff are encouraged to emulate this. The following principles are communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of Hapag-Lloyd:

  • The basis for all our sustainable activities requires the adherence to and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. 
  • The Management uses clearly defined measures to monitor, develop and achieve our quality and environmental targets. These targets are regularly documented, reviewed and communicated. 
  • Customers are our partners. We aim to provide customer satisfaction at all times by being aware of their requirements. We closely cooperate with our customers in order to increase quality and minimise the impact on the environment. 
  • The hallmark of our efficiency is marked by our well trained and competent employees as well as our excellent equipment.
  • Based on an open dialogue with our customers, business partners, employees, and other stakeholders we continuously improve our high quality, ecological and safety standards.
  • Avoiding mistakes is an important objective.
  • The prevention of accidents with possible implications for people, environment, cargo and assets has high priority. Precautionary measures are in place worldwide. 
  • We provide a safe and healthy working place for all our employees. 
  • Adherence to the standards of conduct set out in the Hapag-Lloyd Global Code of Ethics is a binding requirement.
  • Standards that we apply to ourselves also apply to our sub-contractors. It is not they, but we who vouch for the services provided with the company’s good name.

May 2016

Our Mission & Strategy

As a leading liner shipping company it is Hapag-Lloyd’s current and future commitment to protect the environment, provide the highest service quality, and care for the health and safety of our employees.

Therefore, our overall goals are:

  • to reduce carbon emissions
  • to develop environmental awareness
  • to deploy state-of-the-art technology
  • to enhance sustainable operations
  • to have an active dialogue with our stakeholders
  • to act as a responsible employer

Our Measures

At Hapag-Lloyd we strive to reach our defined goals by implementing various technical, operational and shore based measures:

  • Reduction of fuel and energy consumption
  • Optimised turn times and utilisation of capacity and equipment to lower fuelconsumption
  • To and from seaports: Priority for environmental friendlier modes of transport. Whenever feasible we are using barges or trains instead of trucks.
  • Environmental requirements for subcontractors
  • Promotion of E-Solutions such as E-Business, E-Learning and E-Meeting to ensure highquality and reduce business travel
  • Worldwide ongoing staff trainings on environmental and safety issues

Our Certificates

Numerous independent certification of our business processes are further evidence of fulfilling our quality and environment commitments. Please review our numerous certificates such as our integrated Quality and Environmental Management System (ISO 9001 + ISO 14001) for the worldwide organisation.

See our Certificates

Our Activities & Memberships

We enjoy having an open dialogue with our multiple stakeholders. Hence, we engage in various associations, working groups as well as research groups. Moreover, Hapag-Lloyd participates in voluntary conservation programmes in ports around the world.

Please review our global teamwork engagements as well as our voluntary environmental port cooperations.

Corporate responsibility – we care

As a global logistics company, we feel a strong responsibility to our employees, our customers, the community at large and the environment.

That's why we are committed to taking care – locally and globally.

Environmental Protection on Board our Ships

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Hapag-Lloyd EcoCalc

Please see our emission calculator EcoCalc to estimate emissions from transport activities.

Environmental Protection on Board our Ships

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