Regional Updates in Africa

Operational and Customer Service Updates for Africa

Operational and Customer Service Updates for Africa

+++ last updated on August 18, 2022 +++


  • Durban, South Africa - KwaZulu Natal, was seriously impacted by torrential rains and excessive flooding rendering the Rail system inoperable due to substantial infrastructure damages. We are unable to offer rail service between Durban and Johannesburg until repairs have completed. In the interim, we can offer movement between Durban and Johannesburg by truck.
  • Senegal - Minimal restrictions in place. Except Mali, land borders with neighboring countries open.
  • Ghana – The transport of essential goods and freight continues, though delays are likely due to enhanced screening measures. Land and sea borders are open for goods and passenger traffic.
  • Angola – Domestic restrictions relaxed. Most businesses allowed operating with health protocols in place and restrictions on capacity and opening times.
  • Cameroon - Minimal restrictions in place for specific cargo under rule (e.g., rice/sugar/flour etc.). Freight transport via land and sea routes is likely to continue.
  • Cote d'Ivoire - The state of health emergency is no more in force in Cote d'Ivoire. Land borders are open under certain conditions, cargo and freight transport are still operating.
  • Gabon - Land and sea borders are open.
  • Mali - Ecowas heads of states lift economic and financial sanctions. Borders are now open.
  • Sudan - Civil unrest and protest action reported in Sudan. No impact on operations. Slow response time are to be expected as internet connectivity is down.

Terminal Operations

Please find below status of ports in Africa:

  • Luanda - Berthing delays of approx. 1 day expected at Sogester
  • Cotonou – 1-3 days waiting time expected
  • Abidjan – Congestion reported. Berthing delays of approx. 3-5 days expected
  • Pointe Noire - Berthing delays of approx. 1 day expected for feeder connection
  • Kribi - Berthing delays of approx. 1-2 days expected
  • Douala - Berthing delays of approx. 2-3 days expected
  • Mombasa - Berthing delays of approx. 3 days expected
  • Nouakchott - Berthing delays of approx. 1-3 days expected @ Sogeco Operating Terminal
  • Lagos – No delays expected
  • Sudan – No delays expected
  • Dar es Salaam - Berthing delays of up to 4 days expected
  • Durban – Berthing delay 1-2 days @ MPT, 1-2 days @ CT (Pier 1), 1-2 days @ CT (Pier 2)
  • Cape town – 3-4 days at MPT and 2-3 days expected at CT

Railway Operations

No impact to report

Truck Availability
No impact to report

Barge Availability
No impact to report

For latest status available on google maps for Depots and CFS, click here

Customer Service

  • Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa - If you are placing bookings from countries located in the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa, online booking amendments will be implemented from August 15, 2022. We have transitioned to an all-digital booking amendment process, and with this step, all email and phone requests have been discontinued. This means that your booking amendments will be processed faster, and you will be able to manage them through our online tool available here. Thinking about your cargo planning, please know that once the amendment has been requested online, the processing time will be four (4) working hours. Please keep in mind that once you place your request, you will not have to send emails or make follow-up calls. 
  • If you're Importing cargo to South Africa, here's an update on our import process to assist with your cargo planning
  • For customer inquiries, kindly use email as your primary channel
  • For vessel/container/booking status and sailing schedules information, please visit our Online Business Suite
  • For Dangerous Goods Cargo terminal gate acceptance, please submit electronic copies of the Export Hazardous Declarations to upload in the DG bookings
  • For faster BL release at destination, please switch from OBL to SWB if possible. If you should require any assistance, please reach out to your customer service documentation team
  • We invite our customers to use our e-tools (Web-Booking and EASI) for submitting bookings and Shipping Instructions as well as our Hapag-Lloyd Navigator Dashboard to view all of your shipment information on one single screen
  • Reach out to your local customer service representative here


Visit and read the latest Africa service updates

Middle East - India - Africa Express (MIAX)

  • The deployment of MV Velika Express V2235W into the service is canceled, and MV Antibes Express V2225E / V2235W will remain in the service, until further notice

China – Kenya Express (CKX)

  • There will be no sailings from Colombo, Sri Lanka and Mombasa, Kenya (eastbound) on the following dates:
    • Colombo (westbound): August 28, 2022
    • Mombasa (eastbound): September 5, 2022
  • Last CKX voyage is MV Ever Utile V171E, expected to depart from Mombasa, Kenya on September 25, 2022
  • MV Ever Utile V170E will omit Colombo, Sri Lanka, and imports will discharge in Port Klang, Malaysia for further connection to their final port of delivery

Asia – West Africa Service (AWA)

  • No updates

South Africa Express (SAF also known as SAX)

  • No updates

East Africa Service 2 (EA2)

  • There will be no sailing from Mombasa, Kenya (eastbound) on September 22, 2022. no sailing from Nhava Sheba (southbound) on September 8, 2022.

Mediterranean – West Africa Express (MWX)

  • MV CMA CGM Chiwan 2231S/N will change its Africa rotation to Tema, Ghana – Apapa, Nigeria – Tin Can, Nigeria – Cotonou, Benin
  • MV Algeciras Express V2232S/N will change its Africa rotation to Tin Can, Nigeria - Apapa, Nigeria - Tema, Ghana - Cotonou, Benin
  • MV Gabriel A VV2233S/N will call GPHA terminal in Tema, Ghana
  • MV Gisele A V2233S/N will change its Africa rotation to Apapa – Tin Can in Nigeria
  • There will be no sailing from Cotonou, Benin (northbound) on September 6, 2022, and October 11, 2022

West Europe – West Africa Service (WWA)

  • No updates

West Africa Express (WAX)

  • There will be no sailing from Tema Ghana (northbound) on September 5, 2022

South Africa – Asia Express 1 (SA1)

  • No update

South Africa – Asia Express 2 (SA2)

  • There will be no sailing from Durban, South Africa (eastbound) on September 14, 2022

South America - Africa - Triangle Service (SAT)

  • No updates

Dakar Express (DEX)

  • No updates

Maputo Express (MAX)

  • No updates

East Africa Service 2 (EAS2)

  • No updates

East Africa Service 4 (EAS4)

  • No updates
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