Regional Updates in Europe

Operational and Customer Service Updates for Europe

Despite the challenging circumstances, we are grateful that our employees in Europe are safe and sound. The majority of them are working from home.

+++ last updated on November 26, 2021 +++

Terminal situation

Antwerp, Belgium

  • PSA: Due to several COVID cases / contacts, the current gang availability per day is only at 30 gangs while the optimum would be 40 gangs. The yard situations at both PSA locations are manageable; the reefer plugs utilisations have decreased to 80-85% after reefer evacuation call.

  • Antwerp Gateway: Yard utilisation at 86%, reefer plugs utilisation at 73%, similar to last week. Empty park utilisation has decreased down from over 100% to 79% as improvement.  

Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • Europe Container Terminal (ECT): terminal operations generally okay.

  • Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG): The yard situation at RWG still over 100% of the workable operational level.  Reefer plugs situation is manageable this week. However, the labor situation at RWG has changed drastically comparing to last week with a lot of remote crane drivers calling in sick with COVID or bad cold. Last weekend only 8 cranes out of 15 available cranes werde manned due to lack of employees.

    After the shift of IOS to ECT the berth line-up at RWG for our THEA vessels should now have more room due to the freed up capacity of IOS but also from the feeders/barges that where planned around it. The last IOS vessel at RWG (KYOTO EXPRESS) is operated, next IOS vessel SOFIA EXPRESS will call ECT (next SUN late evening, on proforma, berth upon arrival).

United Kingdom

  • Southampton Port (SOU): Yard currently has increased again to 92%. COVID currently is not an issue but still labor seems to be the limiting factor. At SCT5 (dedicated THEA berth) all 5 cranes will be back in operations (after maintenance period) as from this week. Despite slightly improved yard situation (before over 100%), FE2 & FE3 vessels are staying longer than proforma, partially due to higher move counts than proforma.
  • London Gateway Port (LGP): yard at 80%, the availability of reefer points is not an issue now. LGP still limits all lines for their MT volumes in the yard.  

Hamburg, Germany

  • Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA): Yard utilisation has increased again to 85%. At CTA still 1 stacking crane under maintenance (4% of yard capacity) until the end of this year. On NovEMBER 22, 2021 noon CTA had to stop all operations completely from 1300 until 2200. A system error forced CTA to a complete stop of all terminal activities. According to HHLA the reason for the system failure was not a cyber-attack.

G.M.P. Le Havre, France

  • Yard currently at 90% and reefer points are utilised close to 100%. The yard at G.M.P. is opened for a certain vessel only after the previous vessel from the same service sailed. The Yard Opening Time for reefer exports is 48 hours in advance to vessel’s ETA in case of available reefer plugs.

Transport situation

Area North (Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Finland)

  • No significant changes compared to last week. Area is still struggling with equipment shortage in south PL region. Now most effected is Brzeg Dolny, especially for 20’ dry containers. At the same time, we managed to circumscribe units from Warsaw to Kolbuszowa and Radomsko, which helped slightly with CH moves.

Area Germany & Central Europe

  • After the general announcement of the German government to implement the “3G” (tested, vaccinated, cured) COVID rules, this resulted in major bottlenecks for transport capacities for all modes of transports, since drivers have to show a valid certificate leading to high administrative efforts. This situation will be monitored closely as it has major impacts of disruptions along the entire transport chain.

    In addition, low water on the Rhine continues to worsen. Some barges are not able to operate given the current circumstances.

Area Benelux

  • The low water levels continue to fluctuate, but Area Benelux expects a slight improvement of water level in the upcoming days. Trucking capacity shortage is also slightly improving; vendors are now able to offer more capacity. Antwerp and Rotterdam terminals are facing still huge congestions, and it won’t be expected to have an improvement on that in the upcoming days.

    Furthermore, the equipment situation is not “optimal” but up to now under control. Customer demand can be covered.

    In addition, low water on the Rhine continues to worsen. Some barges are not able to operate given the actual circumstances.

Area France

  • As already reported last week, the situation concerning Gate In/Out activities at the port-terminals in France remain difficult and has a huge impact on the hinterland. At the Terminal de France (TDF), far-reaching restrictions continue to interfere the inland Carrier’s Haulage’s.

    Current situation at terminals as well as capacity situation on all modes of transport is constantly evaluated in order to find adequate solutions to improve the overall situation.

Area United Kingdom/Ireland

  • Scottish hauliers still struggling with delays at ports/terminals etc. but TD have now started allocating work much earlier, which is reducing the number of rejections.

    Space is still a premium at all ports and depots. Area is now looking for other alternatives/ways of storing equipment. The Area has managed to secure additional capacity for rail & truck services which should help to improve the actual situation.

Barge Availability
No impact to report besides the following exceptions:

All Depots operating without major disruptions.

Customer Service
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We have taken the following measures to keep providing an uninterrupted service for you and to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on your operations:

  • We kindly ask you to review the possibility of covering your shipments by Sea-Waybill instead of Original Bills of Lading, if legally and commercially acceptable.
  • For the surrender of Original Bills of Lading prior to container release at destination, please contact your local office for detailed guidance, they are happy to assist you. Please also consider electronic payment channels to avoid physical contact needs.
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  • Our teams are fully operational with staff working remotely through laptops and headsets. To make life easier for our employees, we encourage you to send emails instead of phone calls whenever you can.
  • Counters continue to be operational - where allowed by the local government.
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